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But wait a second

Rava told Wan that if Vaatu was defeated, then he would start to grow inside of her until the next Harmonic convergence.

Does that mean that Vaatu is actually growing INSIDE OF KORRA? Maybe he’s not actually still in the tree (people theorized that it was the same tree Koh resides in, and clearly Vaatu was not there when Aang went to visit).

Maybe Vaatu is INSIDE OF KORRA.

Holy crap.


I bet Korra took the same route as Amon/Noatak and Tarrlok did when they were running away in Book 1. 

Korra swam over their remains and it distrubed both brothers’ graves, awakening their darkened spirits.

omg please can this be a thing I love this theory

So I’ve been thinking about the theory that Asami could be an equalist

I think it could possibly be true. And this has nothing to do with shipping or anything, because at this point I’m indifferent to whether or not she keeps dating Mako. Before we even met Asami or knew when and how her character would show up, I thought she might be an equalist based on her character description and her design—I thought the motorcycle helmet looked like one of those equalist helmets. And she is a non-bender with good self-defense training.

Also, from the trailers we know that Amon is going to crash the pro-bending championship. How does he get in, and how do those banners get there in the stadium? Amon clearly has connections, and someone must be working for him from the inside. While it could be anyone, I don’t think it’s out of the question to guess that the Satos could be involved. Maybe I’ve overanalyzing and they are just being philanthropic, but it occurred to me that they could be sponsoring the fire ferrets to get insider access to the stadium. Asami can come in and out now as she pleases, since she is dating Mako. That would explain the biggest argument people present against the Satos being equalists: Why would they sponsor a pro-bending team if they hate bending? Well, that’s my theory on it.

Personally, I want Asami to have some character development, and I think it would be awesome if she could kick butt as an equalist. While I have no issue with her dating Mako, I want to see her as more than a love interest. We know very little about her at this point and none of the characters Bryke creates are ever one-dimensional. I would not be surprised to see Asami helping crash the pro-bending championship. I guess we’ll find out next Saturday.

Does anyone else think Amon knew that Korra was at the rally?

I’m sure the equalist grunts that fought with Korra and Mako reported back to Amon and told him what happened. They obviously knew she was the Avatar because she bended earth and fire at them. And Amon almost definitely has spies around the city. And I mean, let’s face it, Korra wasn’t exactly that subtle when she confronted the protestor asking where Bolin was and where the rally was going to take place.

And at the rally, Amon said things like, “If the Avatar were here, she would say…”

It’s almost as if he were trying to provoke her to object or burst out in anger—like he was testing her, to see how easily he could get her angry. He didn’t even seem that surprised when the fight broke out—he was startled for a moment but then just calmly moved back out of site, like he wanted to watch what was going to happen and didn’t care about interfering. And Amon even let Korra go at the end because he wanted her to spread the word about his ability to take away bending. If the rally was supposed to be so secret, then why would he do that? It’s almost as if he planned the whole thing out.

We’re not just dealing with a charismatic villain with a dangerous ability, we’re dealing with a cunning, intelligent villain. I don’t think Korra understands what she’s up against.

So what do people think? Did Amon get his ability from the spirits or is he lying?

I mean, I want to think he is lying, but the fact is he did take the bending away from those 3 guys, and there were no flashy lights like when Aang energybended Ozai, so it seems like this is something new. And would it even be chi-blocking? Because that’s temporary—they even explicitly reiterated that fact during Mako and Korra’s fight with the equalist grunts when Mako says “it will wear off.”

Okay Amon theory time

From the new trailer, we get a glimpse of what could be Amon energybending, though this has yet to be confirmed. This raises a few questions: Is Amon a bender? I was at first inclined to think he was, but then I remembered what the Lion Turtle said in the A:TLA finale:

"In the era before the Avatar, we bent not the elements, but the energy within ourselves."

Since the era before the Avatar was also presumably an era before bending, does this mean that Amon has found a way to manipulate the energy within a person in order to take their bending away even if cannot bend the elements?

This offers possible insight into the origins of bending and the Avatar. It also leaves room for a chilling possibility: Amon is trying to reverse whatever happened from the era before the Avatar to the current era, eliminating bending from the world. It’s not outside the realm of possibility, since there was a time without benders, as we heard from the Lion Turtle.

Nonbenders can be extremely powerful, as we have seen not only from the recent trailers but also from characters like Ty Lee in A:TLA. Guru Pathik was a nonbender, and he was extremely spiritual. It’s not impossible that Amon could be as well, making him powerful enough to energybend.

Now I’m super intrigued to see how this is going to play out.