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It was scary. I was scary.

It was scary. I was scary.

Ahh I am IN LOVE with how these came out! >w<

Photography is by Stephane Laroche

Raava is me

Vaatu is captainimprobable

This was back from Anime Boston. =3

Okay so I see people critiquing the finale by saying that they were disappointed by Zaheer’s plan to kill Korra in the avatar state, saying they expected something more sophisticated or clever from him.

But was it really that surprising?

Like, it was pretty well established already that Zaheer believed that world leaders should be killed to give freedom to the people of the world. He didn’t waste a second before killing the Earth Queen and he tried to kill Tonraq. But those were minor players to him. Because who is the ultimate world leader in the Avatar universe? The Avatar. With the Avatar still around, his beliefs about the state of the world could not come to be.

So yeah—I don’t think Zaheer’s plan was somehow below him. To be honest it actually made a lot of sense. He was the only villain so far smart enough to know that the reincarnation cycle would break only if Korra died in the Avatar state. Sure, Azula shot down Aang in the Avatar state in CoD, but she didn’t know that would end the Avatar cycle, she just thought that would kill Aang, and for her that was enough. Zaheer knew his history and spiritual stuff. He didn’t want to just temporarily get rid of that Avatar, because that wasn’t enough. He wanted to see a world with no Avatar.

And yes, his plan was flawed. All villains are flawed, that’s what makes them villains. He was educated and spiritual, but didn’t understand the fact that people did want their Avatar, and that people were willing to die for a leader like that, and so he underestimated their resolve. He could only see Korra as an obstacle, despite being as educated as he was. Without realizing it, he was becoming as corrupt as the leaders he despised, killing and passing judgment without mercy, in pursuit of a goal. He held the airbenders hostage, the exact same thing that the Earth Queen did. He thought himself above them because he was so skilled and knowledgeable, but he didn’t respect their culture. He broke the most crucial airbender philosophy about life being sacred and about living in harmony with others. Jinora understood this, and she led the airbenders in bringing him down.

Also, remember what Yangchen told Aang in the A:TLA finale?

"Many great and wise air nomads have detached themselves and achieved spiritual enlightenment but the Avatar can never do it because your sole duty is to the world. Here is my wisdom for you: selfless duty calls you to sacrifice your own spiritual needs and do whatever it takes to protect the world."

Zaheer was like the nomads that Yangchen described; arguably “great” and “wise” (even if his philosophies were different) and he certainly detached himself, quite literally. But that was also his flaw. He claimed to care about the world and its people, to care about their freedom. But since he detached himself from the world, how could be possibly do that? Yangchen explicitly stated that detaching oneself from the world is incompatible with protecting it. Zaheer thought he was protecting the world, but he didn’t truly try to understand the world or its people, and that ultimately brought about his downfall.

Don&#8217;t tell me you weren&#8217;t thinking it too!
Then she had to ruin the moment and hug Mako too but shhh we don&#8217;t talk about that.

Don’t tell me you weren’t thinking it too!

Then she had to ruin the moment and hug Mako too but shhh we don’t talk about that.

Kataang/Korrasami parallel
~Supportive girlfriends!~

Kataang/Korrasami parallel

~Supportive girlfriends!~

"As long as I’m breathing, it’s not over"



/end episode


Also did anyone else think of Bane when Zaheer was going on about giving Ba Sing Se “back to the people?” Because when he said that I totally heard Bane’s voice saying “we’re taking Gotham from the corrupt, and giving it back to the people.”

Because that sure worked great in Gotham….

Nickelodeon: *doesn't advertise for Korra*
Nickelodeon: *allows Korra leaks to happen*
Nickelodeon: *gives one week's notice before Book 3 airs*
Korra fans: Well, this is kind of rushed, but still cool.
Nickelodeon: *advertises Korra episodes as something that can be seen ONLY ON NICKELODEON, no where else*
Korra fans: Wow, this show is amazing! We'd love for the episodes to be available online so we can watch them again after they air on TV, and also so people without access to cable can enjoy them too!
Nickelodeon: Oh, you wanted to watch Korra online? Well, here you go. Korra is now exclusively online. Now you can never watch it on TV again ever.
Korra fans: ...
Nickelodeon: I don't see what you're complaining about, this is what you wanted, right?

So captainimprobable and I were chatting about the craziness with Korra scheduling and the horrendous marketing decisions made by Nickelodeon, and we figured something out—something horrible. Clearly, no human could have come up with such a terrible marketing strategy. The conclusion? Nickelodeon has clearly been taken over by birds. We don’t know how long the birds have been in control. It may have just been for the current season of Korra, though we suspect it may have been as long as the hiatus between books 2 and 3 of A:TLA.

After some further investigation, we managed to discover a secret behind-the-scenes photograph of a recent Nickelodeon executive board meeting. Share this, but be discreet about it. Everyone deserves to know the truth, but we can’t let them find out that we’re onto them. Who knows what they are plotting next…


We are thrilled to announce Henry Rollins as the voice of the Book 3 main villain, Zaheer. Henry did a brilliant turn in this role, taking it very seriously from the get-go, going so far as to conduct an in-depth interview about the character, his background, and his motivations with Mike and me on the phone while he was on a spoken word tour––all before he even recorded his audition. If you aren’t familiar with Henry (likely because you were born in the ’90s or ’00s), he is a legendary punk singer, actor, speaker, activist, and radio DJ. He had a hilarious role in our buddy Kurt Mattila’s co-directorial debut, Lies & Alibis. We heard from Kurt back then how incredibly friendly Henry is and what a pleasure he is to work with, and he exceeded even that glowing report. Hearing Henry’s tales of his fearless travels around the world is a real treat. As Mike says, “He actually is The Most Interesting Man In The World.”


i can’t believe we’re simultaneously getting

  • mako and bolin’s family
  • korra and asami teaming up

don’t wake me up from this dream

If you missed the Book 3 premiere…









Korra and Asami determined to not let their romantic failures and personal fuck ups stand in the way of creating important relationships with each other and nurturing connections they both sorely need

Bolin and Mako rekindling the bond that got them through their parents’ murder, living life on the streets, gang involvement, and competitive sports by acknowledging they’re each other’s most important people

The Air Family opening up for the good of their culture while acknowledging these changes are going to be challenging but they’ll get through them by sticking together

Criminals risking each other’s lives to get reunited and it feels so good




So first thing—so much character development! Wow! I feel like there was more character development for Mako and Bolin in the first 3 episodes of Book 3 than there was in the entirety of Books 1 and 2. And they have a family now!! I love this so much. And as a side note I find it really interesting that their dad was an earth kingdom and their mother was fire nation, I think most fans assumed it was the other way around.

Let’s not forget Korra and Asami talking about important stuff and going on life changing field trips together and being awesome friends and agfjk;lgfjda;glgkg (I totally ship them now I can’t stop they are so perfect ahhhh).

REALISTIC EMOTIONAL REACTIONS to a post break-up scenario thank.

REALISTIC attitudes of new airbenders.

I love the new character, Kai—I think he’s going to be a great catalyst for Bolin and Mako to look back at their childhood and stuff and self-reflect, and maybe for Bolin to understand what Mako went through for them. I really hope we get to see flashbacks from their childhood.

And not much has changed in Ba Sing Se! I guess I shouldn’t have expected it too, but apparently the iron fist did not end with Long Feng and the Dai Li is still super creepy. This new plan for an airbender army is intense and scary because airbenders are like the opposite of an army, which Tenzin kept telling Meelo when Meelo joked about it. But I find it interesting that they are definitely going into the class thing, and hopefully they will examine it in more detail. The Earth queen is an awful person but she’s also kind of badass, which I also like.

I also love how they are traveling around the world and stuff again! That little chibi scene when they were moving from place to play was so cute. We got to see so many locations in the Avatar world and it makes me happy. Eska and Desna are back again too!!


The new villains look really interesting—I’m curious to hear what their motives are. I’m curious about the guy that can earthbend like molten earth and stuff.

Also Korra being really perceptive about the queen right off the bat and sensing that there is injustice. Character development yesss.

But yeah I honestly don’t think there was anything I didn’t like, which is so rare for this show and I am very pleased.

I was bored so I was playing with the picture Bryan posted on his blog, trying to combine the RGB channels with some MATLAB code I wrote for an assignment earlier this semester. Unfortunately between the low res image and the fact that the screen images were already distorted, I couldn’t really get any meaningful results but here is what I did manage to get, in case anyone wants to jump in and analyze more!

Full thing:

Top dude:


Bottom dude:


Again, with the images so heavily distorted, this is the best I could do. It was mostly the blue channel that was the issue because of the repeat bits but oh well.

The only thing I think I can guess from this is that their clothing is most likely in the green spectrum since the green channel seems to really highlight in those parts, and green means they’re probably from the earth kingdom, but with the bad quality who knows.