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Ah…it was Miyo! I never would have suspected that plot twist. Nice. This is getting interesting.

Wait…this disease Satoko has…could that be what happened to Keiichi in the first arc?

That’s been one of the only parts I couldn’t figure out, but that would make sense…and would explain a lot.

Also, this arc is progressing well so far but I don’t have high hopes it will end well since it is called the “massacre chapter.”

(I’m on the second season episode 9 btw)

Ahhh…episode 24 was really fascinating. It doesn’t explain the timelines, but it explains why people have been going crazy, and also the crazy “drug” that they were using on people which made them go crazy…which freaked me out by the way, that’s like playing into my worst phobias ever. This stupid show is really testing my resolve with that stuff O_O

So I just finished episode 23…wtf is up with this show? Yes, clearly the most rational response to seeing that your adorable moe friend Rena just murdered two people is to declare that you will support her no matter what and help her hide the body. Keiichi wtf. All of you wtf. Are you guys crazy?

Also I’m completely hopelessly confused as to how all these stories tie together, and how much they overlap. I doubt things are going to be explained in just 3 more episodes? There is the second season I suppose.

I might actually draw out a diagram of all the timelines and where they overlap and stuff to try and figure out what the actual story is.

young lin in old wounds

Wait, it all fit except for the end with Shion falling…now I’m confused again.

Ah…the end of episode 20 matches the prequel scene from the second timeline…I see now that some pieces of the story are tying together! It doesn’t explain everything but more makes sense now than before.

Did anyone else love Asami’s pajamas or was that just me?

Officer: "We have you surrounded! Release the Avatar!"
Red Lotus: "THE FLOOR IS LAVA!!"

Who drinks tea from a SUSPECT? Apparently, Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami do.

That could have easily been another “Snow White Eats The Apple” moment.

- me (via yoshisims)




the look on her face when she found out it wasn’t the gaurd was hORRIFIED and no one has mentioned the gaurd. she was so angry at the gaurd I BET SHE HAD HIM EXECUTED

crap do you think they’d do that there?!?!

Wait, episode 14 is a new timeline? But that prequel scene to the last timeline was never explained, unless it was the result of the torture done at the end of the second one. The show seems to be deviating from the pattern of the first two arcs, since the previous ones ended with Keiichi’s death and were four episodes but this last one left him alive and was five. Also the prequel scenes from the first two arcs happened during those arcs but the prequel scene from the third happened in the second??m I’m curious to see what happens with the new arc. And I’m as confused as ever.

So she’s evil? Well there was definitely something weird going on.