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Korrasami fic: Try Again Part 1

Description: Asami helps encourage Korra as she works to regain the ability to walk. However, the mental pain of this experience is worse than the physical pain.

This is part 1 of what will probably be 2 sections, but I could end up writing more. I don’t write fanfiction very often so bear with my rusty writing.

Trigger warning for vivid description of a panic attack.

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that legend of korra trailer got me like



Help me pick out a Jinora wig for her new hairstyle!!



I need an opinion. What would be the best fabric choice for the new airbender outfits? I’m probably going fabric shopping today.

It was scary. I was scary.

It was scary. I was scary.

It was scary. I was scary.

It was scary. I was scary.



has korra been having nightmares and hallucinations of the b3 finale





Avatars + Earth Kingdom Outfits

I haven’t seen anyone comment on this yet…did anyone notice this brief clip?

Someone is walking up a volcano, yes, but it looks like this person is also carrying someone on their back:

The quality isn’t high enough on the video to tell for sure, but I’m not sure what to make of this. My first thought during this scene jumped to the place where Avatar Roku died, but I’m not sure how it’s connected. Thoughts?

So there’s something from the trailer that I’m trying to figure out, and that’s if Korra actually does actually heal completely. I mean she certainly appears to be up and walking but like part of me is wondering how many of those scenes could be taking place in the Spirit World. Like, people can walk between the two worlds, right? So could she like, project herself from the wheelchair into the Spirit World and then come back through? Idk, just a random thought.

OMFG so that last gif post made me realize something: if Korra is going into the swamp, then we have the potential for visions of the past/the Gaang in other words I AM NOT READY aglkfadgja


Aang: Time is an illusion…so, it’s…someone I will meet?

Korra: I can’t believe it…Toph?




I can’t even fathom the idea of the ultimate fight between Korra and her biggest adversary - herself.