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Fan Made Filming Fun—amateur actors wanted! (NYC area)

The deal: I’m a nerdy college student with a shiny new camcorder that wants to play at being an amateur film-maker. I’m working on a project with Jacqui (captainimprobable) to make short scenes from some YA novels; right now the two we have planned are Uglies and Maximum Ride, though we are super open to other options. The thing is, we need more people if we want to do actual scenes. So I’ve come to you, the wonderful tumblr community, for help.

Details and whatnot:



Maximum Ride:

Other possible series we may do (no spots open for now, will open them if there is enough interest. If you want to see something here, let me know):

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If you don’t have a tumblr and still want to be involved, you can email me at chaobunny12@gmail.com. But tumblr really is best.

Here is my Drama AMV entry for Anime Boston 2012. This did not make the finals, but I wanted to share. =)

As for my video that did make the finals, that I’ll hold off uploading until after the contest, since I want it to be a surprise. It’s in the Other category and called SpiritPunch if anyone is looking for it.