Hi there, I'm Rachel. I'm 22. I have a bachelor's degree in computer science and math and I'm hella nerdy. I'm probably the biggest Avatar fan you will ever meet. I blog about my life, Avatar, Dragonlance, books, Jewish things, vegetarian things, and super cute animals (especially bunnies!) I love making new friends, so please message me if you want to talk! ^_^

In honor of the 4 year anniversary of the A:TLA finale, here is the EXTREMELY EMBARRASSING video of my 15-year-old self spazzing out during the commercial breaks during the A:TLA finale. I posted this on YouTube after the finale aired.

Part of me cringes when I watch this because of how silly I was back then, but another part of me really misses those days. High school was definitely not the best period of my life, but I was such a carefree fangirl back then. I miss getting excited like that about Avatar. Nothing else could ever make me that excited. And while I didn’t have much of a social life in high school, I could still have fun with friends in my own nerdy way. And the sad part is that I don’t even really keep in contact with the friends in the video anymore. One of them is living in Florida with her boyfriend, and I may see them again at some point, but the other girl (with the dark hair) I haven’t heard from since we graduated over 2 years ago.

Ahh, nostalgia for the old crazy fangirling days. Well, I suppose I’m still a crazy fangirl. Only older. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse.

Wow, so those “Old Friends” posters are going for ridiculous amounts of money on eBay. I really want one though!

I initially said $40 was my limit for a poster, and now that I’ve been outbid I’m reconsidering…but I know that the price is going to go well above that, since some of them are already going for over $100. I mean, it’s more the principle of the thing than anything. That’s just so much money for a poster.


So here is the deal. I am willing to do an AMV request for someone if they send me that poster! :3 Any song, any pairing (yes, I just said ANY PAIRING. Even Zutara. I’d suffer through it for older!Kataang). I don’t normally take requests, but I will do it this time!

I know it’s likely that no one is going to take me up on this, but it’s all I’ve got to offer to the fandom, so I figured might as well try it.

So guys, guess whose Korra AMV won Best in Show at CTcon? :D

It was the most exciting thing ever, let me tell you that. A video of it playing live when it won will come soon. My initial screeches are unfortunately not in at the beginning because of the video I was not expecting to win at all after not winning the drama category and thus didn’t have the video camera on when the best in show thing first came up. But agjfdak;ljgka;dfjg;lafd

That made my weekend. I’ve won Best in Show before but I’ve never been there to see it. It was the most amazing feeling ever! <3 I was literally shaking all over when I went up to the stage to get my trophy. So much Korra love!

And guess who is a CTcon AMV finalist this year? =D

And I’m going, too! I decided at the last minute—I preregistered Friday night, and I found some friends I can stay with. It won’t be for the whole weekend because I’m working and all, but I’ll be there for Saturday and Sunday. Maybe some late Friday night events if I’m not exhausted.

If you are going and see this video and like it, please vote for me! :3

*shameless self-promotion*

(I’m just really excited in case you can’t tell!)

Here’s my Legend of Korra AMV that I entered in Connecticon’s FMV contest. I’ll keep everyone updated on the status—I hope I make it to the finals!

Song: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Artist: Emily Browning

Enjoy! ^_^

Exclusively for my tumblr followers: here is a preview of an Avatar AMV I am working on! =D I haven’t made an Avatar AMV in a long time, but my enthusiasm about Korra has inspired me to revisit the old series. I’m having so much fun working on this one. Sorry about the watermark, but it’s possible I’ll be using the finished version of this for a contest, so it’s a safeguard against theft.

As per usual with betas, comments and critique are welcome.

My only regret with this so far is that there is too much in season one to fit into the small block of the song I allotted for it.

Korra and the Holy Grail

Here it is everyone! ^_^ I hope you all like it!


Song suggestions for an Avatar AMV? I want to do a tribute to the entire series.

This is pretty open, but I want a song that can portray a lot of emotions, both sad, slow scenes and intense action scenes. So, any suggestions? =)

Here is my Drama AMV entry for Anime Boston 2012. This did not make the finals, but I wanted to share. =)

As for my video that did make the finals, that I’ll hold off uploading until after the contest, since I want it to be a surprise. It’s in the Other category and called SpiritPunch if anyone is looking for it.

My Other AMV entry made the finals at Anime Boston!

It’s called “SpiritPunch.” Watch out for it and vote for me if you like it. ^_^

Here’s a teaser for my Drama entry for Anime Boston. ^_^