Hi there, I'm Rachel. I'm 22. I have a bachelor's degree in computer science and math and I'm hella nerdy. I'm probably the biggest Avatar fan you will ever meet. I blog about my life, Avatar, Dragonlance, books, Jewish things, vegetarian things, and super cute animals (especially bunnies!) I love making new friends, so please message me if you want to talk! ^_^

Some days I get really frustrated with how my hair looks and make a lot of self deprecating remarks and other days I say to hell with western beauty standards, my fluffy curly hair looks hella cute.


Mr. Munch and Honeybun, also at the Georgia House Rabbit Society. This bonded pair of bunnies is also up for adoption there.



Bunnies: Nature’s Clowns - BunniesandSunshine


Bunny Kiss - Binky Bunny


Bunny Kiss - Binky Bunny


My group of ten enjoying the sun :) 


My group of ten enjoying the sun :) 


Barrage of Buns.


Late night editing as I cannot sleep. Some quick photographs of one of my household bunnies, and aspiring model, Nuktin.


Look at how happy she is. OMG. 🐰😍🐰(Pictures from bunnymama’s Instagram)


I decided to look at rescue bunnies today. The bottom one is named Jumanji and he is amazing. They also have a sister site for guinea pigs, and his name is Louie. Omg.

They’re in NorCal, so spread the word about bunnies who need good homes! More info here:http://www.therabbithaven.org/adoption_showcase.htm


Are rabbits good apartment pets?

I’m not even 100% sure if my apartment is going to allow them, I have to ask first, but if they do there are things I have to consider and questions I have, so I want to ask bun owners.

  1. Do they smell a lot? Is it something that is manageable?
  2. I know bunnies poop a lot and I’d have to come with a good way to clean all that up without going crazy because anxiety. Any suggestions for how people manage this?
  3. Will they be okay alone if I’m at work all day?
  4. My apartment has one A/C unit in the living room but no central air, is that going to be okay for buns?
  5. I’m allergic to Timothy grass, are there other types of hay that buns can eat?

I mean if things look like it would be too stressful/hard to own a bun, I’ll probably just get a hamster, but hamsters can’t really love you back. (I say this as someone who has had many hamsters in the past. They are cute critters but the love is very one-sided).

I’d appreciate any thoughts or advice people have!



Look me in the eyes and tell me that these little shits don’t rock your world.