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Favorite (personally) Cosplay of Anime Boston 2014 Part 3.

WOO finally found a picture of myself!

I’m the Raava, and Vaatu is captainimprobable.

Thanks for the picture! =D

Here is my AMV entry for Anime Boston this year!

For anyone who is curious and/or wants to back me up.

Background on the subject: I’m still bitter about the bullshit surrounding the changed decision on Avatar from 5 years ago, when first the contest coordinator let me submit the videos in ‘07 and ‘08 because Avatar “was considered anime for the purposes of the contest” (I have the email with that exact wording still saved btw) and then changed his mind in 2009 which was conveniently the year where my skills were finally good enough to make it to the finals. Part of this mind-changing, was, I believe, a direct result of people whining about and giving me shit about my Avatar videos on the forums, mostly one user who shall remain unnamed. After all that verbal fire hurled in my direction, I was really irritated that the people doing the firing got what they wanted.

Fast forward 5 years, and seeing a non-anime video shown before the contest this year (made by the same outspoken angry forum user) really made me mad. Honestly I don’t see why the rules should be any different for exhibition videos and videos shown in the contest. I have nothing against MLP videos being shown at Anime Boston, but it’s the principle of the matter. I’m not stupid. I know the only reason that MLP video was shown was because it was asshole forum user who made it, and he’s friends with the contest coordinator. I don’t like it when my intelligence is insulted.

Either there are rules or there aren’t. Anime Boston is a great convention but they’re notoriously bad with being consistent about rules on this type of thing.

More Raava and Vaatu pictures from Anime Boston.

Raava: Me

Vaatu: captainimprobable

Raava and Vaatu at Anime Boston.

Raava: Me

Vaatu: captainimprobable

The experience of Anime Boston in selfies.

I’m Raava, captainimprobable is Vaatu.

So apparently My Little Pony is now an anime. Or at least it is to dudebro bronies with connections to AMV contest coordinators who decide they are worthy enough to break the rules.

In other words, getting real tired of your shit, Anime Boston. The hypocrisy is just ridiculous. Either you allow alternative media programming or you don’t. Because God forbid anything Avatar related be allowed in programming or the AMV contest because it will destroy the convention and open up a black hole and take away from all the animu—but no worries, a MLP video is totally considered fine to show before the AMV contest because the guy who made it has an inflated ego and connections!

Are there going to be any Avatar cosplayers at Anime Boston? Does anyone want to arrange a meetup?
Are there going to be any A:TLA/LoK cosplayers at Anime Boston this year?

I want to organize a meetup if possible. Those are always fun. Reblog if you are going and with what times you would like to see an Avatar cosplay meetup. =D



i forgot to post the pics in which katy and i switched wigs >:D 

//cackles and rolls away//


One more photo, and then I’m signing off.
I loved this TARDIS dress. And the mini TARDIS held business cards for the person who made it. Adorable.

This dress was made by http://ninjaneedles.com/. =)


One more photo, and then I’m signing off.

I loved this TARDIS dress. And the mini TARDIS held business cards for the person who made it. Adorable.

This dress was made by http://ninjaneedles.com/. =)


This amazing Ember Island Katara cosplayer gets a photoset of her own because highlight of the con.

(let me know if this is you so I can credit you!)

That’s themedusaeffect!

Dear Anime Boston,




I had a lot of fun this weekend, but seriously, some of the responses to a certain costume I saw were…well, I personally was disgusted.

Do you see this cosplayer right here?


This FLAWLESS person made this dress entirely. Themselves. Handmade, from scratch. I was floored when I first saw it and immediately asked for a photo, and have been awed ever since. The attention to detail and just the clear amount of work put into this gorgeous piece is absolutely stunning. Not to mention the fact that they’re totally rocking it and look absolutely stunning themselves.

Now, in case you didn’t know, this person is, biologically speaking, a male. (I’m not sure whether they prefer ‘she’ or ‘he’, so I’m simply going to use ‘they’. I mean no disrespect.) That doesn’t take away from the amount of work that they did, or how beautiful they look. It makes absolutely no difference to me, and I wish I could have spoken with them in more detail about their work (or at least caught their name!)

However, at the convention, the response was…pretty disheartening. Here’s this person, in a GORGEOUS dress, showing off their work and having fun like the rest of us…and I saw people literally glaring, laughing, and even had someone come up to me and ask “That’s a dude, right? Why’s he gotta do things like that?” To which I responded “Because they look absolutely flawless and deserve ridiculous amounts of praise and respect.” I myself received a disgusted look and a glare after that.

Even post-convention, I’m seeing photos pop up, and whereas I’m gushing about their work and amazing posing, I see things like this from the posters:



And no, I’m not blocking out names, because if you’re going to be a pigheaded asshole then you don’t deserve anonymity. 

Why is it okay for girls to dress up as men and strut their stuff, but when a man dresses as a woman in a stunning ballgown and rocks it, it’s a big deal? If a female can dress as a male, then there is absolutely nothing stopping a male from dressing as a female, ESPECIALLY with this level of quality work and beauty.

It’s a ballgown, not a bikini. And even if it WAS a bikini, then who cares? If they’re comfortable wearing it, then let them be.

Moral of the story: Don’t judge people for their costumes and be a rude, pigheaded jerk just because it isn’t your cup of tea. If you can accept women running around in bodysuits and bikinis, or girls running around in full suits and ties, then you better plan on accepting men doing the same damn thing. Cosplayers are not there for your entertainment; they’re there to express themselves and do something that brings them joy. So stop raining on everyone’s parade and go be pissy in the corner where nobody gives a fuck.

THIS PERSON WAS AMAZING. I was too intimidated by how great they looked to get a picture, but I heard them say they hand beaded every flower. Like WHAT? I can’t even make my horns right! People are disgusting. I didn’t think anyone could have anything negative to say about them, but I was wrong. 

… I didn’t know this person was male until I read the post. And I honestly wish people would stop being immature and highly judgmental on insignificant factors.

I honestly didn’t even realize this cosplayer was male until I showed a picture of this fantastic dress to my mom and she noticed the cosplayer’s facial features were masculine. I even stopped to talk to this cosplayer at the convention and asked how long it took to make the dress and I didn’t notice. Honestly I don’t see why it matters? They told me it took 2 months to make the dress, and all the beading was done by hand. I aspire to have this kind of talent and dedication. Like really, are people actually mocking this person? That’s disgusting.

Also, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that a Korra cosplayer was allowed to participate in the official cosplay events this year. I think that single-handedly has restored my faith in Anime Boston.

A few other miscellaneous cosplay pictures from Anime Boston 2013. Sword Art Online, Tenzin and Korra, a very emotional EIP Katara (themedusaeffect), and some Yuokka. I’m the Yue. I’m trying really hard not to laugh in the Yuokka picture and my smile looks really silly in the other one, heh.