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So apparently My Little Pony is now an anime. Or at least it is to dudebro bronies with connections to AMV contest coordinators who decide they are worthy enough to break the rules.

In other words, getting real tired of your shit, Anime Boston. The hypocrisy is just ridiculous. Either you allow alternative media programming or you don’t. Because God forbid anything Avatar related be allowed in programming or the AMV contest because it will destroy the convention and open up a black hole and take away from all the animu—but no worries, a MLP video is totally considered fine to show before the AMV contest because the guy who made it has an inflated ego and connections!

I’m going to be heading to Anime Boston soon! I don’t think I’m going to bring my laptop but I might make a few posts with my phone over the weekend.

I can’t wait! :D And don’t forget to watch for my video “Heartbeat” in the Drama category of the AMV contest.

Here’s a video of my AMV playing at the Connecticon masquerade and of me receiving my award!

Watching this was very amusing for me. I was so freaked out when I won that I wasn’t even registering the audience’s reaction. I think it’s hilarious how people were hooting when Tahno shows up, and cheering for some of the Amon scenes!

Thank you so much to for the video!

So guys, guess whose Korra AMV won Best in Show at CTcon? :D

It was the most exciting thing ever, let me tell you that. A video of it playing live when it won will come soon. My initial screeches are unfortunately not in at the beginning because of the video I was not expecting to win at all after not winning the drama category and thus didn’t have the video camera on when the best in show thing first came up. But agjfdak;ljgka;dfjg;lafd

That made my weekend. I’ve won Best in Show before but I’ve never been there to see it. It was the most amazing feeling ever! <3 I was literally shaking all over when I went up to the stage to get my trophy. So much Korra love!

And guess who is a CTcon AMV finalist this year? =D

And I’m going, too! I decided at the last minute—I preregistered Friday night, and I found some friends I can stay with. It won’t be for the whole weekend because I’m working and all, but I’ll be there for Saturday and Sunday. Maybe some late Friday night events if I’m not exhausted.

If you are going and see this video and like it, please vote for me! :3

*shameless self-promotion*

(I’m just really excited in case you can’t tell!)

Here’s my Legend of Korra AMV that I entered in Connecticon’s FMV contest. I’ll keep everyone updated on the status—I hope I make it to the finals!

Song: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Artist: Emily Browning

Enjoy! ^_^

FINALLY finished that Korra AMV for Connecticon!

I just submitted it. Now, time for bed.

I’ll probably have it up on YouTube soon even if it makes the finals, mostly because it only has clips up through episode 9, so if I wait until after the convention then the finale will have ended and no one will care about an out-of-date AMV, lol.

Anyway, good night everyone!

Here is my Drama AMV entry for Anime Boston 2012. This did not make the finals, but I wanted to share. =)

As for my video that did make the finals, that I’ll hold off uploading until after the contest, since I want it to be a surprise. It’s in the Other category and called SpiritPunch if anyone is looking for it.

My Other AMV entry made the finals at Anime Boston!

It’s called “SpiritPunch.” Watch out for it and vote for me if you like it. ^_^

Fill in the blank: The following AMV has been approved for Anime Boston audiences by…

I need a clever gag for the beginning of my AMV trailer. Any suggestions?