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Here is my AMV entry for Anime Boston this year!

Anyone want to preview a Princess Tutu AMV?

Protip: If you love a song too much then make an AMV to it. By the time you are done with the AMV you will hate the song.







Bringing this back from the dead because if there’s one Magical Girl story I love more than anything it’s this one.

Literally the best amv ever created. Won so many fucking awards and shit just … it’s phenomenal.

Made me wanna see Tutu. You should all see it!

So many feels. I started watching this anime because my friend showed this amv to me. Ahh.

Last on-art reblog for a while! Apologies but this song is fantastic. <3 And the video!

This amv is why me, and many others, watched Princess Tutu— if you haven’t seen this, or think Princess Tutu is a stupid girly anime THINK AGAIN.

Everyone should watch this and then watch Princess Tutu because it’s amazing! :D If you love fairytale based stories with a twist then this anime is for you.

Still not sure if I’m done with this or not but I wanted to upload it because I’m kind of tired of working on it.

Also I want to wait until my account strikes expire to upload anything to YouTube again.

So here we are. Hope you like it! I’ll still take critique since it’s possible I’ll edit it more at some point but just not right now,

Korra Nation: Click please! <3

Also I’m still trying to decide what to do about YouTube. I have videos that I want to post but my account has two strikes against it and they won’t expire until August 25 and October 18, respectively.

I’m kind of nervous to file counter-claims to get the strikes removed, but I’m also afraid to upload any more videos because I don’t want my account to get deleted. I can either wait or create a backup account, but I’m not crazy about that idea either because I like being able to get the views on my main. The copyright claims are from Sony Music Japan if anyone has tried to file counter-claims against them before. Suggestions?

*grumbles about fair use laws*



And here is my other AMV entry that didn’t make it in. Enjoy! =)


Avatar TLA - We Might Fall

“Sometimes life is like this dark tunnel, you can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel. But if you just keep moving, you will come to a better place.” - Iroh, 2x20

For anyone who wants some feels.

But seriously this is beautiful.

Anyone want to preview/critique an AMV I’m working on for AB?
So I just saw on the forums that Anime Boston is willing to allow an Iron Man masquerade skit since there was an Iron Man anime adaptation

I’m not even going to pretend…I’m extremely bitter about this. I have no grudge towards Iron Man because it’s awesome. But the point is they will allow Iron Man but not Avatar…seriously? Iron Man still originated in the U.S. but it’s suddenly okay now that they made an anime of it, while Avatar, which originated in the U.S. but has clear anime influence is somehow not authentic enough for them? What kind of messed up logic is that?

Ugh, YouTube gave my account another strike from that Madoka AMV I uploaded last year

Figures. Well no one watched that one anyway so it’s not a huge deal I guess, but I still think that AMVs should be considered “fair use” in terms of the law. Oh well.

What really irritates me is that my account is not “in good standing” and so I can’t upload private videos anymore which is annoying for wanting to show anyone my works in progress.

Opinion time: What is more important in an AMV? Matching the lyrics better or telling the story in chronological order? I know both are important but in the case where events need to be placed out of order to better match the lyrics—good or bad? Just curious what people think.

I’m debating whether or not to post the Avatar AMV I just finished on YouTube now, or to wait until Connecticon since I’m probably going to enter it in the FMV contest there. Hmm…..


Just gonna leave this here and give you feels.