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Aang: I ran away…

Korra: II have to find my own path as the Avatar.

One of the first parallels I posted in this blog :) I didn’t know how to make gifs back then and since I was lazy to put my analysis in it at that time, I’ll just write my thoughts here:
As I have mentioned, this parallel is a contrasting one since Aang is running away from his destiny as the Avatar and Korra is running away to find her destiny as the Avatar. Being trapped in an isolated place like the South  Bryke commented that Aang was a “reluctant hero” who didn’t want to be the Avatar. They wanted Korra not to be the reluctant hero that Aang was, she knew she was the Avatar ever since she was young and she built her life around that. They have clearly shown that Aanga and Korra are opposites.
Aang had his own identity before he was informed that he WAS the Avatar, this explains why he still keeps his principles. Even when an Air Nomad Avatar told him that an Avatar must sacrifice his own principles to protect the whole world, he still wouldn’t do it and found a different way to defeat Ozai without killing him. Aang is clearly more spiritual than Korra, the irony is that he began with having the spiritual qualities that an Avatar should have and Korra began with the “physical” qualities or facing things “head-on” that an Avatar should also have. Aang is more spiritual because he is an Air Nomad; he was able to travel around the world and meet many friends (Bumi, Kuzon, other air nomads, etc) while Korra had no friends her age (besides Naga) and is under the constant watch of the Order of the White Lotus for the past 17 years. Being raised by monks, Aang never met his parents while Korra has two loving parents as she says ‘I’ve never really needed money. I’ve always had people taking care of me.” When Aang’s only father figure was going to be separated from him, that’s what pushed him to run away.  (which was a good thing tbh because he would have been killed and not meet Katara) While Korra had to find out more about herself and find her destiny as the Avatar, to learn that being the Avatar isn’t always about fighting (which we didn’t get to see this season but hopefully by book 2) 

Lastly, in the Making of The Legend (Ep1x12) Bryke also commented that if Aang’s bending (maybe just the other 3 elements?) was taken away, he would have been happy.
Bryan Konietzko: I[if Aang’s bending was taken away]: Aang would probably be happy.  If he wasn’t the Avatar anymore…but for Korra, since she was a child that was her identity. 
I’m betting Roku would have been happy too, he found out he was the Avatar when he was 16, he had a life before his the whole Avatar came to picture (lol Rozin) while Aang found out when he was 12. Korra knew this her whole life she was the Avatar and getting her bending taken away made a huge impact.
Mike DiMartino: [about Korra’s bending] For her, that’s her identity. The fact that her bending was taken away…she’s not the Avatar, she’s messed up this whole image of Aang and all these other Avatars that came before her. 

Keep in mind, no Avatar is perfect. 
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