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So I saw lots of comparisons between Thor/Loki and Caramon/Raistlin online ahead of time, so I knew there would be similarities

But I was not prepared for the feels. All these feels.

Loki was just afgjka;gjkaf;lgjkaldf;gjkgja;

Okay I loved Loki. But I expected to after all the things I’ve seen online. But he was really adorable and evil at the same time and I wanted to hug him. Okay, I also kept picturing him as Raistlin, which added to the urge to hug him. Though I feel like Loki would like hugs more than Raistlin. Just a feeling. XD

And Thor was all “I know he’s evil but he’s my brother and I love him” and he even believed he could change him (which, big surprise, he couldn’t) but that just reminded me so much of

***Dragonlance spoilers ahead, skip ahead if you haven’t read the books and still want to read them, which you should***

when Raistlin wants to become a god and basically does lots of evil things, but Caramon still loves him despite that and tries to convince him to stop, but Raistlin (despite still having some feelings) takes advantage of his brother’s love. And then Caramon resolves to kill Raistlin when he realizes he is irredeemable but there are still lots of feelings and Raistlin really has a heart deep down but it is all twisted and sad. Of course there is more to it than that but the idea of two brothers (the warrior and the mage) who are so different yet share a bond strikes a chord with me, because FEELINGS.

***End spoilers***

So can they make a Dragonlance movie now with Chris Hemsworth as Caramon and Tom Hiddleston as Raistlin? Please? My heart needs this to happen. 

But seriously, anyone who loves Thor and Loki. YOU HAVE TO READ DRAGONLANCE. YOU WILL LOVE CARAMON AND RAISTLIN.

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