Hi there, I'm Rachel. I'm 22. I have a bachelor's degree in computer science and math and I'm hella nerdy. I'm probably the biggest Avatar fan you will ever meet. I blog about my life, Avatar, Dragonlance, books, Jewish things, vegetarian things, and super cute animals (especially bunnies!) I love making new friends, so please message me if you want to talk! ^_^

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*Hug* Are you ok?
Not really >.< Mind if I message you on skype for a few minutes?

Okay at least for the moment my breathing is almost normal again. Thank you guys.

tinx-methinks said: Hey you. Maybe when you're feeling up to it you should talk to a pharmacist about your antibiotics. They may be able to think of an alternative. If you do end up giving up on them, which I don't blame you for, then I would try to take some sinutab or something. My mom and I get a lot of sinus infections and a doc once suggested this to her cause of our allegies. It's worked for me my entire life.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve already switched antibiotics once since I started them and there’s a huge limitation on what they can give me between allergies/other meds I’m taking so there’s no sense going back again. But I may definitely try the sinutab if I either give up on the antibiotics or if this happens again.

It’s okay people are around

I’m having a panic attack and I’m alone someone please talk to me I’m crying and I feel like I can’t breathe.

Well if I’ve learned anything from this experience it’s that next time I shouldn’t go to the freaking doctor and just take my chances letting the infection go away on its own.

Yes, I feel that crappy.

The question is can I handle 5 and a half more days of this?






Heidi the rabbit!

Heidi has arthritis in her knees and hips so to help with the pain, she swims a few times a week!

Sometimes she wears a scrunchie on her ears so that they don’t get wet!

“sometimes she wears a scrunchie on her ears so that they don’t get wet”

Good morning.


And to apologize for all of my complaining about being sick, here is a picture of my adorable dog lying on the bathroom floor because it’s cool.





Ugh I just feel so crappy right now and I don’t even really deserve to complain because I felt bad enough with my sinus infection to go and seek treatment (does that stuff even go away on its own?) and so I need to take antibiotics to get it to go away. But the stupid antibiotics are making me so nauseous and it makes me feel worse than I did with just the sinus infection (which is still causing me pain). Now I just get to feel nauseous as well as like someone is squeezing my face.
I just want this to go away.
As soon as a become a medical researcher I’ll be sure to give you some. Free of charge.
Thank you friend. =3